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In my client tailored half and full day sessions, we will cover the following:

  • What “news” is, what the media is looking for, and how you can create material that attracts media interest

  • The questions you must ask yourself before you do any interview

  • Crafting messages to meet your communication strategy and impact your audience

  • Interview techniques you can use to avoid difficult questions and revert to message

  • Defining what you want your audience to do

  • How to craft your story with a strong message for maximum interest

  • How to prepare effectively

  • What to expect in the studio and beyond

What they say (Following a recent speaking and training session (February 2021) held for a group collective based in Queensland)

"James was extremely knowledgeable in his presentation and gave lots of great feedback on the interview”

"James was the star performer, but I guess he should be! He also challenged us all most"

"James was amazing at engaging everyone and getting across all his key messages at the same time as having a flowing, natural discussion. I loved the conversation format opposed to having a slide show 👍🏽 "

"James brought the group’s experiences together in a relatively informal discussion, but so effectively took us on the journey of preparing for a media interview that I felt as calm as possible about it before the practice run the following day! James is a natural at teaching the art of media"

"James’ was the best ever! He had us all so prepared and with so many tips and tricks to use .. he was absolutely fabulous!"

"He was just so great! He clearly likes people and their story; he’s engaged in us as the audience. His experience and expertise shone through and the content was so informative"


"James had me tuned in the whole time he spoke. I learnt so much from this presentation and there were so many great tips on interviews. I was writing notes down the whole session."

"Amazing techniques and ideas pitched by him to be used during interviews"

"He is a master at work! Clearly an amazing communicator"

"A blueprint to follow that demystified media and interview. And the perfect time. It was highly interactive, engaging and short. Perfect for the Friday afternoon slot. Bravo"

Investment: from $2500

Structure: Half-day session with a group of up to 3 people

Location: carried out at the LUSH TV & Radio studios in Lord Street 

Other Options: I can offer a bespoke solution to meet your needs including variables such as larger groups and shorter timeframes.





Of all the training I conduct, this work creates the biggest impact in the shortest time. In up to three short sessions together (total around 4-5 hours) I will turn you from someone dreading or fearing the worst to become someone that confidently knows how to create a compelling narrative and deliver it with style and presence.

Astonishing isn’t it. We reach positions of influence in our career and yet how many of us are actually taught how to communicate effectively? Instead we witness a conveyor belt of bad presentation after bad presentation. It’s hideous. The audience are bored stupid,
the presenter creates endless slides that do nothing to engage or remotely shift our behaviour. I’ll show you how less is more, every single time.

This training is all about imagining how different all this could be and then being it.

The results are profound because we conduct this work over a couple of weeks with work going on in-between our sessions.

Our work together will change the way you craft and deliver presentations in the future and ensure you're remembered for all the right reasons.

The three sessions together include:

  • Discovery, exploration and structure - determine audience, objectives and create an outline of the narrative

  • Tell the story, refine the story and carefully work through all visuals.

  • Deliver the presentation - style, pace, interaction, focus and call to action


Investment: from $3000

Other Options: larger groups within a half day timeframe, but with a different structure. More of an introduction to how to craft an effective presentation, the art of less is more, identifying and telling a better story and leaving the audience with a clear call to action.

"Spot on - outlined all the key things that people need to think about - targeted perfectly. He was genuine, positive and really wanted to help everyone develop their skills"

Department  Finance, Western Australia

 "He gets it and was masterful in making sure we all got it. Very personable, very relaxed way of delivering the material. He knew his stuff extremely well and has obviously had extensive experience"

Dept Finance, Western Australia

"Loved every second of this. Every sentence he spoke was an absolute gem of wisdom, wrapped in an easy to understand and powerful delivery. Even through the screen he had us wrapped around his finger, and I would happily spend a week learning from him"

Livestock Collective, Queenland

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