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Elevating Achievers to Changemakers.


I work with you one on one to help you discover a clear intent and focus that will take you to the level which you feel you should be at. If you have a vision for a leadership role that will have a significant positive impact on others, I can help you.

I combine my background in Psychology (the mindset) with 25 years plus of media experience (the message).

There are 3 phases to the work we do together:

Discovery: This is all about having a better understanding of YOU! What has got you here, what are you aiming to achieve, what are your superpowers etc.

Plan: Together we map out how we are going to achieve our objectives. Where are the opportunities, who do we need to speak with, what are we implementing, what will we be known for? How will we reach these different audiences in order to bring our vision to life.

Execution: This is where we construct. We create and shape our stories that convey the new YOU. What platforms, what content, what presentation approach and most importantly what will be our brand personality - the look, the feel, the tone, the intention.

When we follow this approach and we have that clear vision for success, we "shift the plates" underneath us. Change then inevitably happens.  With a clear focus and understanding we give ourselves the best chance to reach heights we never knew were possible. We reach our ultimate goal, that of truly living our purpose.



From $5,000

Time period:

This program is normally conducted over a period of 2-3 months, working once a week

It is sometimes possible to meet more than once a week if there is an urgent and pressing requirement.

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