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The Transformation Program


Combining my background in Psychology (mind) and Media (message/story) I work with organisations on a transformation program that generally runs for 3-6 months.

Using all my skillsets, coaching, training and facilitation we create and co-design a plan for change. Working alongside the business strategy, my job is to ensure the organisation understands all the communication elements as well as the audiences they’re trying to bring along.

Following a classic discovery, plan and execution model, the organisation transitions together.

At the heart is communication and inclusivity.

The program involves time spent working together as well as the organisation doing work in between sessions. The progress is clear for all to see, and the energy is positive. A culture of possibility and opportunity is harnessed, and the fear of letting go banished.

Timeframes - a program normally runs from 2-6 months

Investment - from $20,000

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